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Nutrition Post As Promised

Posted Jun 12 2009 11:59pm

Out of all the questions I get from triathletes looking for tips, the most frequent would have to be nutrition. It is something every endurance athlete seems to look to for that extra edge. I have done my research, seen nutritionists from PacificSport and asked tons and tons of questions. I've experimented with different things and come to one conclusion...


KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID!! :) This applies to many different areas of triathlon but particularly nutrition in my opinion. As long as I make sure I am getting enough nutrients (carbs, protein and fat) balanced at every meal..which becomes routine pretty easily. I make sure I have veggies at least once a day. I'm lucky in that I really enjoy fruits and veggies. I snack on fresh and dried fruit all day. This is a great snack for me because I get energy without just consuming empty calories. I do like my sweets though and I eat dessert every night and little treats at various points through the day. I don't tend to have huge meals,I just eat all day..I'm like a cow! haha grazing all day.

I tried eating more;
at one point i was stuffing my face all the time with cliff bars, chocolate milk, mac n name it! That was when I learned what my energy requirements were..but although weight gain wasn't an certainly wasn't comfortable being so full all the time! Especially during workouts!

After instruction to lose weight I tried eating less,
This one really doesn't work. I don't recommend restricting or cutting out any food groups altogether. Being fueled enough to train hard is very important! There is no point in being lean if you can't do the workouts that get you fit!

I've also tried mixing up the breakdown or carbs, protein and fat and you know what i discovered? They ALL work!

So after all my trials and errors, I've come to the point where I eat naturally.. in 2 senses, natural/organic food suppled by Planet Organic Markets :) but also naturally in that I follow my body's natural eating patterns and cravings. This one is by far the best option for me and one that I will never stray from. I have boundless energy, increased wattage on the bike..not only the bike, i feel like i can go on forever in all my training! I am always satisfied as well...never deprived.

So! for those of you looking for "the edge" I would suggest you abort your search because you already have it in you!

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