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Nuclear Proliferation

Posted Jan 11 2009 5:42pm
I am told that, in Ironman, your cycling should be like Nuclear weapons--you have to have a large and powerful arsenal in hopes that you will never have to use them. Since the person who made the statement is Chivalry Chris, a three time Ironman Wisconsin finisher--who PR'd in those hellish conditions--I am listening.

In theory, with the a huge nuclear cycling arsenal in the silo, one enters T2 with enough in the tank to tackle a marathon. And, if mother nature tries to spoil the party, there is a deep well from which to draw.

That is the theory. Today, practice started.

At 0430 this morning, it was pitch black, 80 degrees, not a breath of air moved, and the humidity was so thick that every window was opaque with gooey condensation. When the sun came up, I knew it would top 85 degrees with high humidity. A cyclist who wants decent conditions would have stayed at home.
Me? First in. Last out.
The ride started with the tri-club at 0700 on the Ironstar course. After spending last weekend in the cold rain, this weekend was 65 hot, very hilly, windy miles . . . . . and a run. Those hills will be done and re-done in all weather for the next 357 days, because that is how an arsenal is built. One weapon at a time.
Only time will tell if the arsenal is sufficient.
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