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New triathlon business idea: The Triathlete-o-Matic

Posted May 20 2009 11:12am


A French entrepreneur has come up with the snazzy new way to wash your dog.

According to the Denver Dog News Examiner, The “Dog-o-Matic”, a laundromat-style dog washing machine that can wash your pooch in about a half hour.

Check out the video below.

But why just confine this splendid new invention to our canine friends?

After a long and especially hard race or work our, what triathlete would not love the convenience of the Triathlete-o-Matic?

Just image no more mucking up the house and bathroom getting all clean after you' ve just swam for 2.4 miles in the that stinky lake or river.

Instead, just a short trip to your local laundry, gym, or health club for an inexpensive and quick spin the in Triathlete-o-Matic.

If man (and women) can design an aerodynamic helmet, water bottle, and  bike, how hard can it be to re-purpose the Dog-o-Matic for endurance athletes?

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