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New study finds that exercise can moderate anger

Posted Aug 12 2010 12:40pm


Do you want to be less angry?

A new study found that you can start by exercising more.

“It’s like taking aspirin to combat heart disease,” says Nathaniel Thom, a stress physiologist who was the study’s lead researcher “You reduce your risk.”

For decades researches have known that exercise swimming, running and biking, among other forms of exercise, can help combat clinical depression.

Now a new study done at the University of Georgia has found that exercise can also moderate anger.

According to the New York Times the study followed volunteers who did and did not exercise:

"When the men did not exercise, they had considerable difficulty controlling their racing emotion. But after exercise, they handled what they saw with more aplomb. Their moods were under firmer control."

The take home lesson from the new study, according Thom, "if you know that you’re going to be entering into a situation that is likely to make you angry, go for a run first."

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