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Needing to take that Chill Pill...

Posted Oct 28 2012 12:00am
So here's the deal... I frequently visit the Montgomery County Road Runners Website Awards section of the Website for one reason and one reason only... To check up on standings for both the 2012 Championship (Road) and Cross Country Series! Last time I looked... oh gosh... what... at least a month ago... I was clearly in first by many countless points in the Championship Series... but down by nine points in second in Cross Country! Well... I just looked... nothing has changed in Championship Series... but Cross Country... I wanna scream! I'm now down eight points in fourth... UGH! As much as four is my lucky number... I hate fourth... becuase it's right off the podium and I miss so much coming in fourth! But I need take a chill pill becuase I'm only one point outta third! This morning is a Cross Country race that was originally scheduled for Oct 7th... the day of Rev3 Half Full... but I thank the Road Runners and Cross Country Series gods that it got changed to today! It's up in Derwood at the Ag Park... which is a slightly hilly and hard course... but I ran Run with June Bugs Cross Country up there in June and LOVED the course... ALOT! And that there is why I need to take a chill pill! Becuase (a)I LOVE running... (b)I LOVE the course... and well (c)I can only do what I can do! I love tackling the same course and doing better the next time! So this morning... we'll see what happens! I know the names of the three girls in front of me in Cross Country... and hopefully this will bring out good camraderie and good competition for me and them! Here we go...
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