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Needed: Poop bags

Posted Sep 22 2008 11:04am
Well, let me clarify. I don't need bags full of poop. I have a certified black fur covered, four-legged poop machine. I really just need the empty bags with which I can pick UP the poop created by above-mentioned princess of fiber. In her hippy, walk to the grocery store, save the planet attempt at the simple life, the caretaker of said animal failed to take into account the ramifications of the reusable cloth bag. Now that every plastic bag in the small one-bedroom apartment has been emptied and the apartment is now out of disposable ziploc tupperware containers to house the former contents of the converted excrement holders, the neighborhood is in serious jeopardy. Screw the planet, I need to save the yards of my upper class neighbors before I'm run out of town....

Exhibit A: In this picture, she is clearly pooped

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