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My Mission

Posted Mar 17 2009 3:37pm

AHHHH YEAH!! Now I know I promised I wouldn't go on and on and on about each ride I get to do outside any more. But today deserves at least a mention. Because I rode outside in shorts - NO LEG WARMERS even and although I had several layers up top I don't think I even needed them. And I didn't wear gloves! It was in the mid 50s and sunny! SUNNY I tell you! This is just better than you can even imagine.

The day started quite foggy and still a little on the chilly side so I decided to do my run first and wait a little to ride. On the run - wow - it was in the low 40s but it was the "sunny, warm 40 - soon to be a beautiful day 40 - not the usual gray/cold/wet 40 that we are so used to in Pittsburgh!" Must be Irish luck! So the run was quite nice and then the ride - even better. I didn't want it to end. I rode out in the country and even the farm animals looked happier than usual!

So I decided that this week, I am on a mission. A mission to NOT use my trainer all week. Yes, that's right - no indoor riding! I took a look at the 10 day forecast and it looks doable. Thursday was the worrisome day because they were calling for low 40s and rain all day but now it looks like the rain should hold off. YIPPPEEEE!! We shall see if I can complete my mission!

In other triathlon news, yesterday I had a good swim at masters. I'm now convinced one method of swimming improvement is to continually force yourself to swim on much faster intervals than you thought possible. Because they eventually become easier to manage. Masters forces me to do this and for this reason alone I LOVE MASTERS!

After work yesterday I went to the bike shop to pick up Scotty. He needed a few new parts. Seems I need a new chain every year. And Glenn, the owner of the shop who is also a master bike fitter took a look at me again on Scotty to see how we were looking. We made some small changes, including moving my aerobars closer together again (we seem to do this every time).

And in still other news - March Madness is almost upon us! I love March Madness - definitely in large part due to the fact that O loves March Madness and each year we have such fun watching all the games! I can remember the college days when I would go to O's house and he and his roommate and his roommates girlfriend (now wife) and I would watch b-ball ALL DAY LONG. Ahh...the benefits of college.

O still does a bracket contest which seems to be getting bigger and bigger every year. This year he's included some FB friends. Other friends and family are also included although my father claims to have not gotten his invitation this year. When O said "he doesn't know how he forgot" my father wasn't buying it. My father seems to think he was left out on purpose since he's such a threat to win it all! HA!

As for me, I'm hit or miss. I just randomly pick teams which of course sometimes means I do REALLY well which I love because then I usually beat O who painstakinly analyzes everything and follows college b-ball all season. Double HA! Although I'm not so sure how I will do this year because I have Marquette going quite far. When I told O this he laughes and says "you do realize their best player has a broken leg and is out for the year and since they lost him they have been playing less than .500 ball." Humpf.

Either way it will be fun. Nothing like the final seconds of a close game when it's all on the line you know!! (and I even watched the movie Glory Road to get me pumped up last weekend - EXCELLENT movie - highly recommended)

I hope everyone is having wonderful weather and enjoying it! Go Marquette! :)

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