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My 2010 Vision Board

Posted Jan 05 2010 12:00am

I believe in having a vision for my life.  Sometimes goals might seem out of reach, resolutions might seem impossible, intentions might seemed destined to never come to pass, but if we can begin to see them, to believe in them, to really know that it is what God wants in our lives, then these things start to happen.

One of my favorite Bible stories is about how God changed Abram's name to Abraham.  Abraham means father of nations, but God changed his name to that way before he was a father.  In fact, at that time in Abraham's life, he had just about given up on ever having children, but all of a sudden, everytime someone called his name they were calling him father of nations.  I bet that was kind of hard to swallow at first, but after a while I'm sure he started to believe it.  It ignited his faith.  His wife, Sarah, laughed and said, "You expect me to have a baby now that I am old?" But sure enough, God blessed them with a child when Sarah was 90 and Abraham even older.  (Ladies...can you even imagine??)

On my RoadID (and you should have one if you don't), I have my motto, "I am an athlete."  When I first started running, I would have never called myself an athlete.  Athletes were people who were fast, who had done sports in high school and college, who were skinny, who ate healthy all the time.  At my first triathlon, I would have laughed if someone said that about me.  But as I started to adopt this lifestyle, I realized that I needed to believe that I was an athlete, so I started reminding myself every day.  During my first olympic distance triathlon, I had a moment when my motto that I had been saying for months and months became real for me.  I am an athlete.  I believe it.  Sometime we have to remind ourselves over and over of the things we want to be in order to become those very things.  If I said time and again that I wasn't an athlete, that would get me nowhere.

Anyway, this year I decided to put my intentions for 2010 on a board that I could see every day.  A reminder of what I am and what I will become.  Inspiration to push beyond my limits and conquer my weaknesses.  Priorities that I see every day.  So, I made myself a 2010 Vision Board.  I put it next to my mirror in my bedroom where I get ready every day, so I can see myself as I want to be.

Some of it is a little cryptic, but it works for me.  What is your vision for 2010?
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