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MS 150

Posted Nov 12 2009 10:04pm
I didn't actually do the MS 150 and this year it wasn't actually the MS 150, it was 1 day and 80 miles. Day one got rained/thunderstormed out. But on day two, Ingrid, Kim, Matt, Steph, Larry, Loanna, Chris, Maggie and a few other people I know (about 15,000 people total) rode from La Grange to Austin. I saw Larry after he finished and talked with him for a little while. I talked with Matt and Steph when they finished, and I heard that everyone else had a great ride too. Ingrid and Kim at the finish with the Capital in the background
Larry after finishing
Ingrid and Kim and I had planned to go to the Cookie Lounge when they finished. Ingrid had been looking forward to her trip to the Cookie Lounge for a long time. She really enjoyed it and sent Jeff and I an email about it the next day with her Cookie Breakdown Kim enjoying a cookie
Ingrid with her Mookie
Ingrid's Cookie Breakdown
"Here’s what I ordered:
1) Peanut butter dough with milk chocolate chunks (good)
2) Brown sugar dough with English toffee bits (really good)
3) Chocolate dough with a hint of macaroon dough, dark chocolate bits and almonds (the best of the three fresh baked cookies)
4) Mookie with Vanilla Sweet Cream dough and caramel bits (almost as good as #3)
5) Whoopie Pie (yummy but very messy!)"
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