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Mr. Spin

Posted Oct 22 2008 4:46pm

Its the word of this post. On Sunday I took in my first spin class in a couple of years. Fitworks in Willoughby. I used to take in Dr. Heather Petroff's at Peak Performance in Broadview Heights. Heather has been a consistent, strong triathlete over the years. Her classes were always fun and with purpose. But Broadview Heights is a long drive and Heather had a baby and is really ramping up her dental practice. On Sunday, Molly took us through a 40 min workout. It was nice to be back in that kinda enviroment. So, I will spin again.

I saw lots of those on Tuesday morning as we got a good deal of snow. Gorgeous at Euclid Creek Reservation where I often run. Just me and a couple of walkers and an occasional car. Helped push one car back on the road after a spin-out. More snow today but colder. March is coming.
Political Spin

Cleveland hosted the Democratic Presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. CSU did a great job hosting. There was alot of give and take, and they spent a good deal of time on health care. Barack appeared to me, to win the debate. But we'll be hearing political spin right through November.
Head Spin
Flipped over once in a while to check on the Cavs-Bucks. Often LeBron James does things that make your head spin. He hit a layup with about 5 or 6 seconds left, but Michael Redd one-upped him by hitting a long three pointer with Wally Szczerbiak draped all over him for the win. Amazing shot..and amazing that I no longer think twice in spelling Wally's last name.

Spinning globe.
With each spin, 24 hours and each day, the daylight grows. We are slowly climbing out of winter hibernation. Soon, we'll be into spring, and then getting closer to triathlons in this northern climate. More anxious for it this year than before.
Spinning baseball.
I zip down to Winter Haven, Fla today for 3 days of shooting spring training. I hope to check in on this blog, and will mostly be doing interviews and stories for our website. Many of the interviews I do will run in short snippets on Fox 8 throughout March. Mainly, I hope to get in a couple of long runs. Indians p.r. chief Bart Swain is a fellow triathlete. If he's not looking, I might sneak out on his bike for guessed it............ spin
So, thats my spin, hope you all have some great workouts wherever you are.
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