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Mount Lemmon

Posted Mar 24 2009 3:40pm
I'll keep this short and sweet. Unfortunately, the ride didn't happen - so I'm going to save a full post for when I actually get to reach the top!

Sunday I was feeling pretty worn down - house chores, etc all day long. When I finally sat down about 7pm after 10 hours of laundry, picking up, bathing dogs, unpacking from Mexico and re-packing for the bike trip I was DONE.

I made a big batch of red sauce and we had a pasta dinner, salad & glass of wine. I was fully fueled, that's for sure...

I woke up several times throughout the night. I had some sharp stomach pains, which I thought maybe ulcer related (a wee bit too much alcohol in Mexico and over the weekend maybe?). Then I just couldn't really get back to sleep. I didn't FEEL nervous. I mean, it was just a training ride, not race.

I had my caffeine, and made a PB bagel for the road trip. The 2+hours of driving I was fighting back watery mouth, nausea, etc. I told Shane I was happy I was driving or I think I'd really be sick.

When we got to the meeting spot, James & Diane were already there. The excitement kinda took over and for a brief moment I felt better. I mentioned to Diane my stomach was really upset and she had actually just picked up some pepto, so she offered it to me. Mind over matter, right?

The first 5 miles is a slight incline to get to the base of the mountain. I was already dying. HR was high and I was working WAY harder than I should have been...

It only got worse - the first few miles of climbing weren't too bad. James & Shane were pulling away from us, and I'm sure Diane was just slowing down to stay with me. I was a mess. Everyone stopped to take pictures at about 3000ft - the view were amazing, even despite the horribly polluted air (wind storms).

They all looked a little worried about me, and James (ex-pro cyclist) mentioned it wasn't worth it - that I really needed my whits for the descent. I thought about that for another mile or so, as the nausea got worse and I couldn't really take in any fluids. I finally just stopped - told Shane I was done...

I was so bummed. It was a gorgeous day, a little cool and some winds, but overall not too bad. I just really got worried I wouldn't be able to get back down the mountain, not to mention not enjoying the climb and the scenery AT ALL.

I had 11 miles to get back to the car and it was brutal. I couldn't keep my bike steady, just felt awful. I was so relieved to finally get off my bike and eventually home to bed...

I spent all afternoon wrapped up in a blanket freezing & full of aches, with a 75lb dog cuddled up next to me. At about 9pm I finally broke the fever and start sweating like mad... I slept 10 hours and woke up feeling SO much better!

I know I made the right decision, but just bummed! I can't wait to make the trip again, and take pictures from the top!

Big props to Diane who finished the climb by herself!! She's only been riding for a year now & is a superstar!!!
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