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Mother's Day Came Early for me

Posted Apr 30 2012 11:12am
I was busy emptying lunchboxes, making snacks, wiping crumbs off the floor and filing through piles of papers handed to me at the end of the school week. I was avoiding the envelope that I received in the mail with the return address Oxford county District Court. Jury Duty. Perfect. One month left of the school year and I get to waste my days listening to people talk about other people's crimes.  Super. I took deep breaths as I wondered how, how I could possibly continue to balance all the things I'm trying to balance.  I'm no longer just a stay home Mom. Ha.. I say just with a tone there... Stay home Moms work their tails off. And, so do working Moms. That's not what this is about. This is about something else.  Over the past several years I've added a new element to my kid's lives. I now run a business. From home.  It's perfect and yet it's a major major challenge. They are not used to having me be pulled in another other direction other than towards them. I struggle sometimes.. I struggle to make it all work smoothly. There aren't many days that end with me feeling like I succeeded at everything.  And usually, its' my kids that I worry I am letting down. Did I play with them enough? Or, at all? Did I speak too harshly when I was angry about finding yet another wet towel on the floor? Or when one boy clobbered another boy ( ok, they don't clobber but they do whack...) in the midst of another Another silly argument over who gets to play around on the giant ball? Did I take the time to read with Nick? I question myself all day long. Every day. I  only get one go around with these little people that I cherish. I want nothing more, than to be a good Mom to them. I write about triathlon here all the time. That is what this blog is about after all. But there is nothing, not a thing in this world more important to me than my family at home.  So, I interrupt this Tri blog to tell you a brief story about one of my boys.  
Tommy, my 10 year old, had won a contest. It was a contest I didn't even know was happening.  His grade at school had been given an assignment. They were writing Pursuasive essays.  Tommy's essay won 2nd prize. The paper was calling to have the two of us come in for a photo.  The topic?
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