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Mosquito Mountain Winter Hike

Posted Feb 23 2014 3:12pm

I am so lucky to have a friend like Beth…

She is a dog lover like me, and is one of the few friends I have that would not even bat an eyelash when I asked her about breaking trail up to Mosquito Mountain. 

I even told her it was probably going to be kinda hard.  She said, “That’s OK! It will be awesome!”

Anyway, the whole way driving to the trailhead we talked about what a nice day it was yesterday and that SOMEBODY MUST have snowshoed up already.  I mean, really, who wouldn’t have done it yesterday? 

We had ourselves pretty much convinced that we wouldn’t have to break trail because some nice, adventurous person already did it for us. 

AAANNNDDD…we got to the trailhead and there was no sign of anyone else.

We strapped on our snowshoes and laughed. Ah well. How bad could it be anyway?

It wasn’t too bad actually, except for the crust on top that wouldn’t quite hold you up, but was happy to hold you for a second, then crumble beneath you, and then somehow manage to grab your shoe and make you fall on your head.

I was pretty entertaining. 

Porter entertained himself by chasing squirrels through the trees…

We finally got to the place we call “The Rock” – we are not all that creative.  It is, well, a rock.

But it isn’t like any old rock, it is a giant rock that you can climb on and is somewhere around halfway up the trail. 


The snow underneath the thin crust was kind of like dust.  All powdery and crumbly, you just couldn’t get a grip on it, and so it made climbing fairly challenging.  But we kept at it and eventually made it to the first overlook.

It was beautiful up there, it isn’t often you can stand on top of a mountain in Maine in February for more than 30 seconds without wanting to get moving again.  But we were able to hang around and take pictures for almost 10 minutes before we started getting cold. 

I asked Beth if she was up for heading to the summit (this means breaking trail another 1/2 mile), and she was all for it.  Sweet!

We made it up there and the wind had really picked up.  You can tell that is the side of the mountain that gets the most wind (the west side of course) because there was very little snow and a lot of ice. 

But it was gorgeous…

This time we got cold much faster, so we snapped some photos and heading down the mountain. 

It is so much fun going down a mountain in the winter, you basically slide until you get to areas that are not steep enough and then you just have to walk.  Which is decidedly less fun than sliding.

We eventually made our way back to the truck, laughing at how much fun it was to slide down, and feeling really great about our day.

Thanks for reading!



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