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Morning Routine

Posted Feb 17 2010 12:00am

This morning as I was getting ready to go to work I thought about how much time and effort it takes just to get ready for the day.  See, this being a triathlete stuff can have it’s challenges outside of the actual workouts. 

I get up in the morning make some tea and start the process of packing ALL my food for the day.  Yeap- that’s what takes so long.  I first put together my lunch (today was a large salad, tuna fish, apple); a snack (celery, guac, turkey); breakfast (Paleo pancake, berries, spinach & canadian bacon)…….

Add to that- today following work I go straight to Peak to Peak Performance Center for a Computrainer class .  This adds some time due to packing Pre and Post workout food (banana and hard boiled egg Pre;  juice & protein powder Post). 

My food for the day

My food for the day










Alright- I’ve got ALL my food for the day- now to pack my gear!  Today this means putting my TT Bike in the car (dear Ol Black Betty!) and grabbing my cycling shoes and clothes.  Oh yeah- did I mention I’m going to lift weights at the gym during lunch?? I better pack those clothes too!!  And don’t forget to bring socks!!  (I don’t know how many times I’ve forgotten this little article of clothing).

So there you have it!  All that takes a good hour for me to get together!  And now you are probably thinking- “well why doesn’t she just get everything ready the night before?”.  And here’s the why….I workout at night or have bodywork done and get home about 8:00pm and need to eat and then like to be in on my way to sleep by 9:30…And let’s be honest-  I love my veg-out time with some tv-   plus, I’m much more of a morning person and my eyelids start shutting at 9:00 anyway!

Nutrition plays a very important role in being a triathlete.  About this time last year I was eating whatever I wanted.  I was having muffins, eating out a lot, you name it.   As I got closer to my first Ironman  I began to realized that eating “clean” made a difference with my big workouts I was doing.  If I ate muffins and ate out frequently- my performance while training suffered.  If I ate clean- I had much more power and endurance during my long hours training. 

Since last summer, I’m convinced that eating clean and preparing all my food to take with me, is key to maintaining the level of training that I strive for.  I use to fool myself into thinking it didn’t matter- but it does.  What I put in my mouth effects my workouts…..And even though it would be easier to stop by Starbuck to grab breakfast, and Chipolte for lunch- this just doesn’t work for me.  It may for some, but I would challenge that as I use to believe it worked for me too.  Today- not so much!

So- I’ll get off work today- train- get up early and pack my meals for the day-go to Masters-head to work- and continue daily with my morning routine……And by the way, just out of curiosity- What’s your morning routine???

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