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Mont Tremblant 70.3 Race Report

Posted Jun 27 2012 7:06pm
 I took a risk and made my first 'A' race of 2012 at brand new race site.  Last weekend was the inaugural Ironman 70.3 in Mont Tremblant.  I loved it.  The village of MT was very warm and welcoming. Now, tourism is their thing. It's the bread and butter of this beautiful little village. Of course they wanted us there. However, this is also the case for other host towns but they do not always welcome us with open arms.  This was a refreshing change for me.

Most of my best photos from the weekend are stuck in my phone. I can't seem to get them onto blogger...  I will keep trying. The village is centered on a hill. The hotels and shops and cafes sprawl their way up the street. A small Tram is at the base and you can ride up and down the road that way or hike up on your own. ( ahem... we timed this perfectly After the race... yup.. tram closed and Mommy was forced to crawl back up this Hill in order to go luge riding. Perfect post Half Ironman fun don't you think? ouch.  :) )  There's a nice courtyard at the top with restaurant seating everywhere. There's a chair lift to the top where the kids saw free roaming giant birds ( never did hear much about this one... I just know they saw Huge birds eating things.. sorry... day before race fog for me ).  And, one of the favorites was the luge ride. I think the kids and Mark took >20 trips down that thing.  It was fun, I admit. Though they were all disgusted with my pokiness on the slide.  Hey.. I spent the whole morning racing!  I was up there to sight-see at that point. All of these things overlook the big pretty lake that we started the day in along with the colorful European style buildings that crawled down the hillside.

Our hotel was AT Transition... but it was better than that.   We walked out the door, down the hall, down the stairs into this
 a great little Cafe with such yummy treats and coffee and sandwiches! Then, out that door and Bam.. you're at the race site.  To make things even easier, many of the little cafes and restaurants opened at 3:00 a.m. on race morning!!!  And, the race organizers had a table out in the courtyard with bagels, coffee, bananas for us. You know, these little details matter to us! It made things Very very easy.
Mark and I at dinner the night we arrived. 

 The big Ironman stage set up at the base of the hill. I could look at this from my hotel window. Behind it is Transition. ( Huge clean parking lot..very easy to navigate.)  They blasted Great music from this stage All weekend. I took it as a sign.. an omen of good things to come...that U2 seemed to be their favorite band as well.
 These two shots were taken from our dinner table the first night. The top picture shows the tram that goes up the hill.  The boys are leaning on one of the railings of the finishing chute.  The last 1K of the run weaved it's way from up on the hill down through town and finished right at that stage.  The clock tower behind the kids is our hotel. ( Le Tour de Voyageurs...I recommend it if you're thinking about this race. It's incredibly convenient.)

On the Podium 
The finish 
The most delicious crepes... our breakfast as we headed out of town. 

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