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Monday Weigh-In and Body Composition

Posted Aug 30 2010 6:01am
June 7th, I weighed 216 pounds, which is WAY too much. So I resolved, through diet and exercise, to shed a pound a week until I achieved my target weight of 165 pounds. My plan was to take a year and overhaul my eating, starting first with trying to eat less and then improve the quality of my nutrition. Well, it didn't start off that hot. I felt like I was eating relatively healthily, exercising 4 -6 times per week, but I didn't feel like I was losing weight.

With new resolve, I started using Lose It!, an app on my ITouch, to start tracking my calories. What an eye-opener! I was eating so much more than I could have ever imagined. What a kick in the pants that I sorely needed. After a week, I realized that I wanted a device that would help me track my actual weight, which I hoped to use a motivator to continue good habits and as a ruler to get myself back in line if I strayed. So I bought a Tanita Body Composition Monitor. Today is my official first weigh-in, which will also set a baseline for a variety of body composition stats.

Body Fat (BF) Percentage - amount of body fat as a proportion of my body weight. For men 40-59, Tanita suggests a healthy range is 11-22%.

Total Body Water (TBW) Percentage - total amount of fluid in a person's body expressed as a percentage. Males should fall in the range of 50-65%.

Visceral Fat (VF) Rating - Amount of visceral fat, which is fat in the internal body cavity, surrounding the vital organs. A healthy rating ranges from 1-12.


Today's results
Weight: (Goal of 202) - 199.2
BF: (Goal of 11-22) - 14.7
TBW: (Goal of 50-65) - 56.1
VF: (Goal of 1-12) - 6

Good initial baseline, hoping to see all these numbers come down over the coming months. Even though I'm just under 200 pounds, I won't consider myself not-a-Clydesdale until I maintain this for a month.
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