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Mile Markers

Posted Jan 11 2009 5:42pm
I read a really wonderful post the other day by Iron Wil, and since that time my thoughts have been wandering about where I have been since starting this journey, and why I keep traveling this road. I have not yet found the proper words to do a post on that topic, but there are some stats that show some of the mileposts along the way. I do not set them out for bragging rights. Most of them, especially the race times, are pretty unremarkable. When measured by who I once was, however, they are perhaps a clue as to what is inside me, and how far I can go.

2001?: 160 lbs., 35 years old. Did "The Half" in Dallas. 13.1 miles. Time: unknown. Walked and suffered and swore I would never do a marathon because I could not have turned around and gone back to the start if someone had pulled a gun on me.

2003: 155 lbs., 37 years old. Marine Corps Marathon (in the middle of two weeks of trial). 5:05:--. Finished but only barely. Very little good running after 18 miles. Completely detrained and became inactive again.

Summer 2004: Injury halts run training. Balloon to 169 lbs. At 5'4.5", that's pretty portly.

January 2005: 38 years old, 152 lbs. Houston Marathon. 4:35:-- Kept training this time. MS150, cycling vacation in Colorado, run training in the fall with Coach T, grown up swim lessons because I have begun to wonder, can I tri?

January 2006: 39 years old, 145 lbs. Houston Marathon. 3:53:-- After recovery, began first season of organized tri training.

Today: 39 years old, 136.7 lbs. First triathlon this weekend.

Thank you Maria Gratia, Coach T and Mrs. Greyhound.

The road goes ever on and on.
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