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Mid-Winter 10 Mile Classic Race Report

Posted Feb 03 2013 6:50pm

The Mid-Winter 10 Mile Classic is one of my favorite races.  I haven’t done it for about 2 years, so I was pretty excited about the day.

Plus, I needed a race.  Something about a race helps you to refocus a little and remember you are doing all of this training for something.

I showed up early so I could volunteer at check-in.  I love check-in, it is a sure way to see all the awesome folks who are at the race that you really want to see and PLUS you get to meet all kinds of great people.

It was great to see Jake , Jen  (thanks for the pictures!), Michelle , Katie , Ange , Maggie, Andra, and Steve.  I didn’t get pictures of all of us, but anyway, it was a blast.

It seemed pretty warm from what I am used to, so I decided to go with 1 pant layer and no gloves.  I think it was 20 degrees?  I am not sure.  It seemed like a good idea anyway.

I walked out to the starting line with Katie and Maggie, then ran into Jen and Michelle.  I decided I had seeded myself far enough back so I stayed put and hung with them.

We all started yapping, kind of not paying attention, and then the gun went off.

Oh. I guess it is time to run now.

I didn’t have a plan at all.  I kind of decided I was just going to run how I felt, hoping to be around 1:30 or so.  My PR here is 1:25, but my knee was wonky last week and so I just felt like treating it as a training run.

Jen ran with Michelle and I for a bit, and then she was zipping on ahead.

I ran with Michelle for a few miles, we are both PAINFULLY camera shy…

Now, the truth is…I do not usually run with anyone, I actually can be kind of jerky about it because I really like to run alone, but running with Michelle was perfect!!

I was having a blast chatting away with her, she is a riot.  I think we were on a 9:30ish pace, which I was happy with, especially on the hilly early miles of this race.

Besides, I didn’t have a plan or a goal time, right?

We ran together until around mile 6, at which point, I started feeling…well, GREAT.

I have no idea where it came from, but suddenly, I needed to RUN hard.

I told Michelle that I would meet her at the finish line, and I started running stronger.

I don’t know what it is with me, I have to run a freaking hour before I feel like I can really run hard.

What was crazy is that I just started picking people off, passing them one after another, I quit counting after 20.  This isn’t normal for me at all – to pass anyone.  I am usually the passee, not the passer.

I have no idea of what my pace was, I just know it was strong for me.

At mile 9, I started looking for Manny the Moose.  He always is there at this race, at the base of the last hill, holding a sign that says something funny.   Like this:

He wasn’t freaking there.  I almost stopped in my tracks.

No “Giddy up” no “Haaad Caw”  no “All Hands on Deck” to occupy our minds and get us up that last mile.

Sigh.  What a bummer.

The other bummer was that the timer said 1:23:something.


I have to run about a 7 minute mile to get to the finish line in 1:30:something.

Suddenly, this was very important to me.

I am such a moron, I decide to have a goal time 9 miles into a 10 mile race.  I am not sure how this makes sense at all.

Putting aside my grief over the omission of the stuffed moose holding a sign, I pressed on, increasing my pace in the last mile, trying hard to slowly get faster and faster without completely burning my legs out.  I turned into the school towards the finish line, and once around the first corner, started running with all I had.

Final time: 1:30:58

I’ll take it.

Thanks for reading!

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