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Michael Phelps wins 200-meter butterfly in world record time

Posted Jul 30 2009 10:04pm


The swimming world is back to normal now that Michael Phelps has won the 200-meter butterfly in record time and cruised to the win over a second and a half ahead of everyone else.

Phelps set the new world record 1:51.51 lowering his own world record of 1:52.03 and he did so wearing only leggings only with nothing fancy to aide his swim time like one the the new high tech full body swimsuits.

"This was a display of swimming. Not technology," according to Universal Sports.

"This was also a message. The 100 fly goes down later in the week. Last year in Beijing, Phelps won the 100 fly by one-hundredth of a second over Milorad Cavic, who grew up in Southern California but swims for Serbia. Here Monday, Cavic won the 50 fly -- a race in which Phelps was not entered. Now Phelps has won the 200 fly --  a race in which Cavic was not entered."

Phelps had originally indented to wear the full body Speedo.

“It didn’t feel right in warmup,” Phelps said. “I changed out of it and put this on. This is what I’ve always worn in this race.”

“He actually warmed up with the full body and he just said it felt too tight and he took it off,” said his coach Bpb Bowman said. “Then I noticed he hadn’t shaved his chest, but I’m like, ‘Just don’t worry about it.”’

You can watch the race HERE.

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