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Merry Christmas Indeed!

Posted Dec 26 2009 11:54am

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. Ours certainly was! Once we finally got to South Carolina that is. I may have had a small (large) break-down during the final leg of our drive on Christmas Eve. I had finally reached that point where I could NO LONGER sit in the car. At all. But we made it. Sitting in confined spaces for hours on end never was my strong point.

Christmas Eve and Day were awesome! We went to church. We opened gifts. We played Scrabble. We ate lots of my mom's good food. Oscar and I ran in 69 degree weather and then later iced our legs in the (very) cold Atlantic Ocean! I played on a Wii for the first time. Let it be known, I STINK at MarioKart. Good thing I had no aspirations of becoming a race car driver.

Oscar and I got a new camera for Christmas! And it goes underwater!! We haven't taken many pictures yet but we at least had to try it out...


After our workout we played in the water some this morning.


When I visit my parents I swim at the Island Rec Center. It's an outdoor pool but in the winter they put a HUGE bubble over it. It's the closest I get to swimming outdoors!


Oh, and there has been a lot of this as well. O and Roxy have been catching up on their winks. :) (sorry it's a bit blurry - I'm not so good at photography either :)

Much more fun to come! Bowling tonight. I hope I do better than when I did the Wii bowling. Ouch. :)

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