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Merry Christmas Indeed Part II

Posted Dec 28 2009 7:35pm

Our great Christmas continues although I got a little sad today that we will soon have to leave!

On Saturday night we went bowling.


My sister and mom, who is mischievious and gave me turkey ears (which are like bunny ears but are shaped more like a turkey head - duh... :)


Let's just say, none of us will be bowling in the PBA any time soon. Oscar was the best of the worst though. :)

My original goal was to break 100. But I had to revamp that goal for the first game. Breaking 50 was much more appropriate. :) (I'm "BS" on the score card)


I did much better on the 2nd game and did break 100. Barely. :)

I was better at Scrabble. So far I'm undefeated.


I better stop playing while I'm ahead! :)

It's been so fun I don't want to leave! But soon we must head back to real life. :) I can't bear to think of that long drive ahead though so instead I'm going to laugh at this picture. We finally got Luna (my sister's dog) and Roxy to lay down next to each other. They pretended not to notice. :)


Today we did more swimming and running (which we've done every day since we've been here - Oscar has never swam so many days in a row! :) and also went to see the movie Up In The Air. It was pretty good! Tomorrow we are going spinning with my mom. I hope she doesn't put us to shame!

Good night all!

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