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Men who want a family should stay away from Ironman racing and pro cycling---study finds

Posted Jul 01 2009 9:02pm

Stadler OK so the study didn' t specifically say to not do an Ironman, but it did find that triathletes who bike more than 186 miles per week have less than 4% normal looking sperm.

In other words, that would most likely be a triathlete training for an Ironman race, or perhaps serious to professional cyclist.

The study conducted in Spain concluded that men who ride at least 186 miles per week would have "significant fertility problems".

According to the BBC News:

"In the latest study, 15 triathletes with an average age of 33, were asked not to have sex for three days before giving a sperm sample.

When the results were compared with their training routines, only cycling - not swimming or running - was linked with sperm quality.

All of the men - who had been training for an average of nine times a week for eight years - had less than 10% of normal looking sperm, compared with the 15-20% seen in the most fertile men.

In those who managed more than 186 miles a week on their bikes, the proportion of sperm that was the correct size and shape had fallen to 4%, the point at which men may struggle to conceive without fertility treatment."

"Something which could be done would be to have their sperm frozen but when they start training they do not realize what damage can be done to their sperm," said Professor Diana Vaamonde, from University of Cordoba Medical School in Spain.

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