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Mediterranean eating - it's not about off-limit food

Posted Feb 26 2013 9:49am

A big thanks to the Today Show for sharing the recent significant research on adopting a more plant strong diet! I really like that the focus was on addressing what "we" should be eating more of rather than talking about bad or off-limit foods. This makes it easier to change eating habits without feeling like you are sticking to a food-controlled diet. Hopefully there will be a follow-up study on adopting a more Mediterranean lifestyle which includes finding the right balance between work, sleep, exercise, food and friends/family. It’s about slowing down at meal times, not rushing life, staying active (moving the body) and enjoying it all through fresh, wholesome foods, enjoyed with family and friends.

Today show segment

I hope you enjoy my plant-strong creation that was enjoyed by Karel and myself last night. We both YUMMMMM'd our way through dinner as it was packed with flavor!

Best part about this don't have to "cook". Allow 10 minutes of prep and 45-50 minutes of cooking (use your time by catching up on emails, laundry or stretch your tight hip flexors) and you will have a delicious dinner that is perfect to keep your heart and tummy happy.

Feel free to use your own choice of protein.

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