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Matty Reed's coach says good coaching advice is good matter the source

Posted Apr 09 2010 10:26am


After a recent story which suggested that Tyler Hamilton was Matty Reed's Bike coach sparked an intense debate within the triathlon community Kelly Reed, Matty Reed's wife and long-time coach, wants to make two things very clear.

1) She's Matt Reed's coach and

2) good coaching advice is good matter the source.

"If Lance Armstrong calls me up and offers me coaching knowledge...I'll freakin take it," she recently told us in a phone interview. "We are going to talk to anybody we know, but at the end of the day I'm the coach," she added.

Kelly Reed went on to explain that Matty Reed has been doing "some motor pacing with Tyler Hamiliton" as a way to get faster for his upcoming ITU races.

On the triathlon forum Matty Reed wrote today:

"Tyler lives in boulder, as do many cyclists and former cyclists. I talked to will friskhorn a bit. I talk to Allen McCormick all the time about cycling stuff. I wanted to rack some brains about some cycling workouts as i felt kelly and i wanted so more ideas as i move around distances racing so much. Tyler knows the roads in town, he knows the climbs and he knows how to motorpace someone. He knows good workouts. he knows where i push the group ride and where i fall off. He gave me some workout ideas and offered to motorpace me when kelly and i wanted it in my schedule. I accepted his offer to listen to his ideas and do some motorpacing. He is available when i need him.

So i guess you have to understand, i did not, nor do i think, that i am doing something horrible. So that is where we are at. I am listening to some of his workout ideas with kelly and doing some motorpacing. nothing else. I even had a call yesterday with another cycling coach about crank length. so I will get all the information i can and then i process it for me."

Kelly Reed went on to say that today that,"Tyler has started a new chapter in his life," and that the controversy was "blow way out of proportion on"

"There is no cycling coach," she added, "I'm the only coach."

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