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Marky V rocks the swim, crashes on the bike, finishes race and goes home

Posted Apr 27 2009 10:03pm

Markyv The life of a professional triathlete is not as glamorous as it might seem.

A few months ago Roman Mica chatted with Boulder, CO based Mark VanAkkeren (AKA Marky V) about racing career and what' s it is like to be a pro triathlete. You can listen to that interview HERE.

This weekend Marky V looked like a winner at St. Anthony' s Triathlon when he rocked the very rough swim (coming out of the water first) only to....we' ll let him tell the story.

This is his account of what happened from his web site after he got on the bike:

"At tampa airport typing from crackberry.

Great swim. First out and felt smooth and strong.

Solid bike hanging in 2nd/3rd for 18miles (matty and andy).

Got called for failure to stager....uh....where? I' m a million miles behind? Do a stop and go, am cranking on the bars to get back up to speed with my head down. Look up right before plowing into the back of the ref motor bike stopped in the road (I should have looked but he should have not stopped in the middle of a thin two lane road).

Rolling in immense pain. Never have hurt that bad even with broken bones. Lots of blood on my suit (luckily teflon coated so was able to clean it off and save it). Med crew arrives. Treated rather abruptly then left to fend for myself. Ice arm and chill with dude who' s yard I was in. HTFU/BAMF-it after seeing CAF athletes out there and ride one armed back to T-area.

Get back. See med staff. Send me to hospital. Get stiches and tetanus shot. Baaaadly bruised. Lots of pain but others have had to deal with worse. Doc (former french pro, said he raced paris-roubaix) says I shouldn' t look so good..."You are very very very lucky." (Thanks big dude :)
Sprint to hotel, clean up, pack bike one handed, drop off car, catch blue van, get to airport.

Flight in an hour. Going home to the mountains.

Give thanks everyday for that."

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