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Marathon Training: Having Faith

Posted Sep 11 2009 2:04pm
This week is a RECOVERY WEEK.

Yes, I thought that too.... AGAIN?????

I'm still waiting to enter the hard core training mode and I feel like I am constantly recovering.

Enough already... I want to be sleep deprived from putting in 60 miles a week, I want to lose 10 pounds a week, and I want to complain that I don't have any time for anything.

I'm kidding, of course. Turns out that training does not have to be that way. Turns out training for a marathon can actually be invigorating. This brings back memories of my first marathon where I did not sell my soul, body, and life to marathon training (as opposed to a couple of my last marathons). I was doing it for fun. Just to see what happens.

So, I have faith. I believe in my training plan, and I believe in my physical abilities.

Things will work out.

They are already working out.

And here's what I'm learning. Preserving your drive, the internal GO-GO-GO, love of running, passion, or whatever else you want to call it, is more important than putting in extra miles and getting that six pack. This drive is what REALLY dictates success in long distance running. If you nurture your drive, if you come to a race fresh, you will likely beat a person who is far more fit than you are, but has overtrained. So, those folks who are super fast... they have it figured out. They've struck a perfect balance between training hard and recovering hard. They know their breaking point and stay away from it. Running marathons is about taking your body to the limit ONLY ONCE, and that is during the race. Everything before then, you are building up your strength, energy, and power.

If right now, you are feeling like you are not seeing results while you work really hard, consider taking a different, more serious and literal, approach to your recovery.

So, this recovery week of mine. I can't deny that I'm a bit restless. But I'm going to approach it like a "recovery" pro. Yoga today? I'm going to focus on my breath like a true yogi, free my thoughts of this world, focus only on my practice, and hold my postures extra long falling into them with complete and utter trust. Strength exercises? I'll do those very slowly with as much intent as I can muster. Cross-training? Hello, my dear Rockhopper!

I already feel stronger :)
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