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Loveland Lake to Lake

Posted Jun 29 2011 3:06pm

This weekend I ventured into the relm of Olympic distance triathlon.  Double the distance of the sprint I did two weeks ago.  To say I was nervous is an bit of an understatement.  It seems on my road back to being a triathlete I have lost some of the confidence I had before the dreaded Adrenal Fatigue.  I go into each event wondering….will I have it in me? 

Now this is my third time doing Lake to Lake so I knew what I was getting myself into.  I knew the swim seems hella long, and the bike course has some kick butt hills.  The run is nice a flat and I was hoping I could pull it off.  I actually wondered if I would be able to cycle up some of the bigger hills on the bike course..with visions of having to walk. 

I got up early on Sat and headed to the race with my friend Stacey.  I had the best time in transition chatting with friends and making new ones.  Race time came and down to the water I went.  I warmed up for a bit and then it was our turn (as the announcer put it “time for the old folks”). 

I must say the swim went great.  For some reason, and I don’t want to tempt the swim gods here, but I have never had one of those crowded thrashy, mosh-pit type of swims in all the triathlons I’ve ever done.  I always seems to find my “piece of heaven” in all the mess and swim without a crowd around me.  And I’m not swimming off course either :-)     

As I rounded the last buoy and headed back to shore I started to tell my self that my time on the swim would be 45 minutes.  I think I was doing this so I wouldn’t be disappointed if it actually was that long.  I was setting myself up so I wouldn’t be thinking what I failure I was…..and was I delighted when I looked down at my watch as I came out of the water and saw 31!  I was stoked!  “Not bad time” I said to myself.

Then it was onto the bike.  I was starving as I got out of transition and decided I needed to begin to fuel immediately.  I had a peanut butter clif bar which I promptly ate within the first few miles of the bike.  I knew I needed to get calories on board and the sooner I did eat the better chance I had of it not bothering me later on.  (I was right about this). 

 I rode and rode and rode and rode. The course is 30+miles and mostly climbing. 

As I approached the ”monster climb” I thought, ”self, just get on up it and take your time.  NO need to go anaerobic!”  And that is just what I did.  I cruised up it, keeping my heart rate at a decent level and pedaled on pass a few folks to boot!  And, I didn’t even come close to having to walk!!!!  I knew there was one more “big” hill and when I approached it, I felt confident and strong!  Again, I just cruised right up it! 

And then it was time for the descending dream!  I love descending.  For some reason I get all Mario Andretti and start acting like some kinda race car driver.  I LOVE banking the turns and getting all tucked and using my body to dance the corners.  What I lack in climbing I definitely make up for in the descent. 

I rolled back into transition after an hour and 40 something minutes (my slowest time on this bike course) and headed out for the run.  I was feeling strong, well hydrated and well nourished.  The run was fun and I never once struggled or wondered if I could make it.  I ran at a comfortably hard  pace and finished my race within the time I had “allowed” myself. 

The day was a good one for me!  I raced well, accomplished everything in a better time than I thought I might, and had a blast doing it!  Having raced Olympic distance it’s helped boost my confidence.  I am starting to believe in myself again and in my athletic abilities.   Next up is Barbs Race Long Course (half ironman).  That will be my next confidence booster  besides the next 2 weekends of 5+ hours  each of riding in the mountains  :-)

Oh yeah… and did I mention that after the race and some food,  I got back home and went out for a 2 hr bike ride??  Yeah…it’s comin back…that Ironman fitness! YeeeHawww!


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