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Loveland Lake 2 Lake

Posted Jul 02 2008 12:00am

Lake 2 Lake
Here it is 4 days after Lake 2 Lake Triathlon. My first olympic distance tri. I had soooo much fun. Went up to Loveland Friday night with Noel and got a good nights sleep.Race morning got there before 5:00am and set up in the transition area. I was able to get a spot with the gang on the first rack. Did my warmup run and then put on wet suit and headed to the water. I started in the last wave…guess I’ll be in the last wave from now on :)

So how did the race go? I felt a little nervous and was having thoughts like…I hope I can do this whole swim….but then I got in a rythum and it seemed to help. I kept seeing green heads ahead of me, and at times passed some men from the wave before. I did ok with sighting…..I found it hardest to stay straight after the final turn going straight to shore…..
I just kept with it…and didn’t give up and got into a groove…THEN was the run to the transition area out of the water…that was tough at first. I waited to start getting my wetsuit off until I got my legs since it was so far….saw some people using the wetsuit strippers..what an idea that is…
So, got to my bike, wiped my feet with a towel- put on sox (need to get knew sox that go on easier) then helmet, sip of water, and grabed my bike. Kinda hard getting out of transition due to plywood.
Got on bike and almost started out too slow. Kinda paced myself…didn’t get anaerobic until first climb. The bike went much quicker than I thought it would. When I rode the course the week before it felt like a lot more climbing. The bike felt pretty darn good. I LOVE THE AREO BARS! They sure allow you to get into a groove and go!
I passed quite a few people on the bike…it felt good….love the downhills. Again thanks for the TT bars.Oh YEAH- at the first water station one woman decided to drink from her bottle- I was passing her as she put the bottle back….and missed! I ran over her bottle. Thank God I didn’t crash! The bottle was soft so it just squished under me. …..
Later on in the ride, as we were coming back into town some farmer dude, decided he would ignore the detour and the traffic volunteer and drove his big ol truck and trailer right onto the course….RIGHT infront of me and another woman on a bike….we both had a few choice words for that A-Hole. Needless to say, another possible crash was adverted (thank you God).
Rolled into transition again…feeling pretty good- the sun was not out and we had a cool dayRAcked the bike- whipped off the helmet- changed the shoes- had some water and ran out the back of the transition area to the run…
Saw some of the team running on their way back as I was in my first mile….held it pretty much at a 10′ pace for the whole 6 miles. Took water and gateraide at each station….think the gateraide was too much…felt it by mile 4….my goal when I started running was to run the whole 6 miles, which I did.
IT sure was fun to cross the finish line! I loved it…..I loved the distance, I loved the work….I loved the race…I loved my mind….I loved the setting….I loved the people. I’m not sure if I could have gone a little harder somewhere…not sure. All I know, is I did it.

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