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Local Art and our Home

Posted Dec 02 2012 2:52am

In decorating our winter home, we decided to use local art and artists.  I mean, it does seem a bit silly to attempt to recreate an American home when one is spending the winter in Thailand.

The inset pieces were chosen by my sister-in-law and incorporated into the brick work on the outside of the house.  Elephants were used because they are said to bring good luck, and let’s face it - who doesn’t like an elephant.
We also recently visited a kind of a factory outlet.  Actually all the pieces of art work at made at this several acre market, and the artists are also the ones who are there to describe their artwork, negotiate a sales price and pack the piece for travel.

My wife liked the large jars and as a result we purchased a couple of them.  I think we paid $22 each for the jars.

We also have a couple of empty walls in our home that needed spiffing up.  

We have also really liked the larger pieces and decided to find one that touched us.  These pieces take approximately three months from idea to finished product and the entire piece is cut and painted by hand.  

This particular piece is actually made up of twelve separate pieces, and each individual part weighs between 20 and 30 pounds.  The total size is about 150 cm x 100 cm.  It is installed on the wall with a combination of concrete and adhesive and the frame serves to provide some support.
The first step is to rough up the wall.  Then each piece is installed, and within a few hours the finished product is done.

What do you think?
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