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Loads, and loads, and loads of personality!

Posted Sep 11 2009 2:04pm
HOP! That's me jumping on the band wagon. I got tagged right here and got an award as a recognition of the personality I share on my blog! Thank you! And here it is:

The rules are that to accept it, I'd list a whole 7 of my traits and then tag 7 folks with awesome personalities who deserve this award.

So here go my 7 traits (this is so self-indulgent, it's awesome, haha!):

1 - I don't give up easily
2 - I'm a decision maker and a problem solver, which is highly annoying to those who want me to just listen
3 - I'm good at convincing, reassuring, and encouraging people
4 - I'm afraid of leading a mediocre life
5 - I depend on my family
6 - I dream big and try to achieve whatever it is I dream up
7 - I'm honest and genuine


Feel free to post on your blog or in the comments, if you'd like, of course!!!

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