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Live Feed: Stationary cyclist breaks Guinness Record and is still spinning

Posted Nov 01 2010 3:16pm


George Hood started cycling at 2 p.m. Saturday, October 23 and despite reaching his target of 200 hours, and setting a new Guinness World Record, at about 10pm on Sunday, October 31 he’s still going strong! His new goal is to reach 222hrs and 22 minutes which he should do about 8pm tonight (Monday).

Hood’s ride has been dubbed Operation “Hot Chicken”, a reference to local fallen soldier Gunnar Hotchkin’s nickname. In June 2010 was killed by an IED in Afghanistan. Gunnar Hotchkin was an unemployed Hinsdale, Illinois native who joined the US army to support his wife and three children.

Click HERE to watch the live feed of George Hood still riding.

“I’ve connected with the family of Gunnar Hotchkin and I’m inspired by his wife and kids who miss him so very much,” Hood said. “I hope to raise awareness of all of our heroes overseas and move others to donate generously on behalf of Gunnar Hotchkin and his family.”

While serving as a law enforcement professional in support of U.S. Marines in Afghanistan, George Hood, 52 from Aurora, Illinois became all too familiar with the tragedy of young soldiers and Marines dying on the battlefield as a result of Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs).

Hood conducted investigative operations targeting insurgent groups responsible for such devices. The combat environment’s operational tempo and arduous conditions precluded any significant endurance training that Hood has developed in pursuit of world records. His longest session was about 90 minutes during a brief period on a spin bike at a make-shift gym in Kandahar. But since his March 2009 return to the United States, Hood has had considerably more time to develop what has become a single-minded passion: raising funds for causes close to his heart and setting Guinness World Records for endurance on a stationary “spin” cycle.

Hood has trained covertly at Fuel Sports Performance Training Center in Crest Hill, Illinois where he focused on pacing and distance drills under arduous conditions including heat and sleep deprivation. Since April, Hood’s training has included seven long rides of at least 24 hours: 24, 36, 48, 60 (twice) and 72 hours. “I was prepared mentally and physically for the challenge ahead,” Hood said.

Hood “earns” himself 5 minute breaks for every hour he completes on the bike. He can either take these every hour or save them up. In the 200 hours he has cycled already the longest break he has had was just 28 minutes which included a 15 minute (and well deserved) sleep.

The ride has been taking place Urban Tri Gear in Burr Ridge, Illinois. Preston Bokos, Hotchkin’s close friend, owns the tri-athlete business and is a crew member for the ride. Bokos approached Hood about raising money for the Memorial Fund that had been created for the Hotchkin family.

“I was a friend helping a friend who lost his best friend….it was simply the right thing to do,” said Hood.

Thanks to Danny Ward, our British Bureau Chief, for this fun story.

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