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Listen to Your Body? – Ha!

Posted Mar 22 2009 3:38pm
Remember how they always told us to listen to our bodies? Perhaps they still do. I guess the idea is that if one listens to his or her body, those tendons, muscles, bones and other stuff that fills its various cavities will impart an important message that we can glean through and determine whether or not we should strap on the running or bike shoes.

Well, as someone who is getting very close to 60, I can tell you that listening to one’s body is often not a good thing. Each morning I wake up with stiff muscles and shuffle about as I make my two to three trips to the bathroom, get caught up on the news, and putter about before moving towards the beginning of my daily training goals.

And at this point I know that if I listened to my body, it would highly suggest that I spend the day in my recliner, eating cupcakes (my choice would be those that DC Rainmaker creates) and getting caught up on the latest Entourage or Extras episodes. Then after I had gathered my strength through a huge empty calorie intake and some serious power naps it would suggest that if I still wanted to entertain thoughts involving exercise, I should definitely cut the duration and/or mileage short, and it would probably be a waste of time and effort to drive to the pool.

So I get up each morning, make no conclusions about how my body feels, plug my ears to my body’s complaints, and in my old man shuffle I head downstairs and perform my stretching or abdominal/core work.

And each day I do pretty much as planned, whether that is work or training related. And sometimes I will skip a run because of a previous day’s hard workout and the residual effects that still linger. However, that decision will be based on analytics and common sense and not because my body is shouting at me to relax and take it easy.

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