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Listen to the music... while swimming

Posted Apr 23 2009 5:24pm

Lately I've been spending more than my fair share of time in the pool both swimming and aqua jogging. While the swimming, especially when done with the kids, can be enjoyable, the aqua jogging is just downright dreadful. It might not be quite as bad as the trainer but that is only because the amount of time required is less. Luckily though, there is one toy, the Speedo Aquabeat Waterproof mp3 Player, that makes it much more enjoyable by helping the time go by much quicker.

My friend Stephen, who works at First Place Athletics, hooked me up with this a couple of months ago but I have only started using since I've been relegated to running in the pool. Now admittedly the sound quality isnt great and you can only listen to songs in the order in which you uploaded them. However, the 1GB storage size and 9h playtime are more than adequate for the intended application. Additionally, the software was easy to use and the buttons were self explanatory. Most importantly, it is fully waterproof and while it is made to clip onto goggles, it also fit very nicely on the strap on the back of my Timex running hat. While I'd never swim with it, this is a pretty cool toy if you have some disposable income and want to listen to tunes in the water.
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