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Lazy-Sick-Tired.....and oh so ready for VACAY!

Posted Jul 01 2010 12:00am

So last week I spent a portion of the week attached to this
(Okay - I have always wanted an ENTIRE aquarium bathroom)
Sick at both ends and my boss brought me down to emerg as I was puking all over our office. I am fine now but that sure did drain me for a few days.

Next week we are off to Osoyoos - I can't wait! I could wait a bit to put on my bikini as I haven't stopped eating since Oliver 1/2 IM. Oh well, it won't stop me from having fun with the family! I absolutly LOVE it there. We hang out on the beach all day, bbq every nite, the kids have bonfires and roast marshmellows, the little Dude and I go for walks and explore, the fruit is AMAZING and we just have a great time as a family. This year will be a bit different though. Part of the family isn't coming. Shel is staying home this year (I guess that's what happens when you are 16 and have "better" things to do) and we can't "make" her come. I so wish she was coming with us though, because that part just won't be the same.

4 days after we are home from Osoyoos the little Dude and I are off to Ontario for a 10 visit with family and friends and I am sure looking forward to that too.

I am itching to finish stuff up and get through the next few days and then ahhhhh VACAY will start.

In August Antonio starts Preschool too but I will post more on that later.


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