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Las Vegas Post #1: Interbike Bikes (long post here)

Posted Aug 28 2009 8:19pm
I went to Interbike this year. Usually I just see things in pictures. Unfortunately, for my fans (all 2 of you) I don't have any pictures of interbike. But, here's what I saw from some of the major manufacturers.

Guru, Trek, Cannondale, Specialized - These guys were not there or were dealer only. Some of them have started bringing their dealers to them instead of having a booth at Interbike.

Argon-18 - Couple of new bikes. Very cool looking and very well done. I don't know the geometry, but their bikes looked really nice. Integrated fork/headset junction.

Cervelo - New paint on most of their bikes. I think that they had a new road bike, but I'm mostly interested in tri bikes. P3C just does not do it for me. P2C looks nice.

Felt - Nothing new to speak of. The DA gets new colors. The B2 gets the same front-end treatment as the DA. The B12 (sounds like a vitamin) is basically the old B2. New MTB stuff as well.

Fuji - Nothing too new other than the fact that they bought Kestrel. I bet we can say bye to the Airfoil after 2008. Updated paint schemes for 2008 and a new road bike to go with the RT700 or whatever it is. Fuji will probably bring Kestrel out of the marketing dark ages, but kestrel will probably lose some of its forward thinking and Fuji pushes it towards UCI legal bikes...triathletes could care less! Fuji still does not have a truly viable Carbon Fiber tri bike.

Jamis - BIG mover in the tri market. Very nice and very well thought out Xenith Tri bikes. They will come in to compete with the full blown Felt DA as well as some of the other top players. Hidden front and rear brakes. Forward geometry. Good spec kit. I talked with these folks, and would GLADY ride their new tri-bike! I told Don or Jack a couple of years ago that I thought Jamis was a sleeper...I was right!

Kestrel - see Fuji post.

Kuota - Updated the K-factor. Nice looking bike with mid-range forward geometry. If it works for you great. Kalibur is unchanged, slightly steeper geometry than the K-factor. BIG CHANCE is their new bike. Hidden front and rear brake. Integrated seat mast has +'s and -'. Very nice bike. I was able to talk with these folks, and I would GLADY ride one of these!

Lynskey - Move over Litespeed. Your old founders are back in the game. If you like Ti, they have your tri-bike. Not as aero looking, not quite as sexy looking, but more custom than just about anything. I'd ride one of these too!

Orbea - These guys are going to go big in a couple of years. Their current tri line is pretty nice looking. I think that it could use a refinement or two...internal cables for one. But, their new tri-bike that is coming out is very nice looking. I don't know how aero it will be as some of the edges look sharp, and I don't know if the aero nose cone on the head tube is all that aero, but it looks fast. They have a stable of SUPERFAST atheltes. I'd be more than happy to join them.

Qunitana Roo/Litespeed - Nothing too new here. A Lucero lite that shaves 100-200 grams off the current Lucero. Unfortunately, I don't think that they fixed the horizontal drop-out brake bridge issue that they have. The Tiphoon gets replaced by the Lucero-Ti. Litespeed has some new stuff, but with Lynskey right down the road, they have a bit of competition. QR will have a new big name or two riding for them...unfortunately for us, they probably won't bring us back even though we're pretty inexpensive.

Scott USA - Nice bikes. NOthing looks new except for paint jobs.

Colnago, Wilier, Look, Teschner, Parlee, Calfee, Other Euro Brands - Don't know enough about these to know what's new. Wilier's new Tri/TT bike is curvy and sexy. I'd feel weird riding it. Teschner has some NICE looking Tri/TT bikes. Maybe after I told Look that I passed their man Luke Bell with 400m to go in Cali...they'll hook me up!!!

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