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Keep moving forward - it's what we do best!

Posted Apr 17 2013 5:47pm

With everything that went on in the past few days, I wanted to make sure that all my athletes were still driven to succeed. Seeing that everyone grieves differently and is affected by events differently based on past experiences, it was important to me that I do not assume my athletes are on when they need to be off.

I hope you can do the same for that same stubbornness that keeps you from slowing down when you should probably stretch more and rest more is exactly what you need right now to keep on moving along in your journey of life.
*The newsreels showed incredible courage and bravery as everyone pitched in to help so the folks responsible not only did not scare us but showed how incredible we are. We are praying for all the people who suffered loss. They would like for us to be afraid and change our lifestyle and if we did then they would be the winners. So, I am with you and refuse to back down in any way and I will be at my upcoming event and with all the crowds in total defiance to what they would like.
*I am both saddened and still shocked but uplifted by the wonderful stories of hospitality the people of Boston have shown.  I am more determined than ever not to let this stop me from living my dreams of racing.  They won't win!  I won't let them.  
*This inspires me more to continue with the lifestyle I have and if you stop doing what you love you allow them to win. If anything it has reminded as many things do, that it is okay to go for your dreams and reach big. It has reminded me that if you are not 100% happy in a situation then do something about it because you get one life. It has reminded me to thank my body for what is CAN do and not what it COULD look like if. It has reminded me to love with my whole heart because there is not room for anything less in your life. 
* While I am deeply saddened by the Boston event, I won't be letting it affect my lifestyle.  
*Honestly I think everyone around here is a bit shaken, myself included. I certainly have had a multitude of emotions concerning the events and really tried to avoid the gruesome photos. I didn't even watch any of the videos of the explosion because I just didn't want to know. I followed the updates on CNN but just tried to bypass the photos and videos. Overall, feeling ok. I'm very thankful that I was able to move my body this morning in honor or it all. I know I can take nothing for granted and that tomorrow is never promised. I also know that I can't live fearfully that it might happen to me. SO really just overall staying positive and trying to be of support to the running/triathlon community around me. 
*So many bad things happening around the world, but this one really hit close for me as well for a lot of people. I woke up last night and thought about the people in their hospital rooms and tried to imagine the pain they were experiencing and what was going on in their mind.  It must be extremely difficult for them and the families affected. I know you have an emotional connection with the Boston Marathon since you have done that race before.  So I'm sure it must be tough for you to comprehend something like this happening.This event has not affected my motivation to race and train and live a healthy lifestyle, but I do have a feeling of sorrow in my heart and ask myself why this has to happen. 
 Thanks for being so kind and supportive and reminding me how valuable life is and not take it for granted. 
*My heart goes out to everyone affected by this tragic event. I will not let this deter me from doing what I love. Plus, I think the chances of this happening again will be pretty low. You cannot live your life being afraid of what could happen. You got to do what you love and hope God keeps you safe. 
Again, thank you for checking on me. That really does mean a lot. As for training and racing. Well, I'm kind of an adrenaline junky, so I will keep doing it :)

thanks for reaching out. yeah. i'm not gonna lie, it really affected me yesterday. hard. not that any life should be more important than any other, but targeting a group of athletes at such a prestigious event and one that tends to be equated with so many dreams just feels even more devastating. i just felt numb yesterday. sad, angry, disappointed, and heart broken... but not for a second did i have any sort of emotion that made me question running and training. in fact, it was the only thing i wanted to do. this morning's run i ran for all the people affected. i ran for them, i ran for their families, i ran for those who were responsible, and i ran for me. it was the first moment of clarity and peace i felt since yesterday afternoon. i found myself running toward 2 white bearded men who were running the opposite direction and i started to let them take the inner section of the road's shoulder while i veered towards the traffic side, but they both pointed towards their center and motioned for me to run between them. one of them was missing his arm (guessing war injury). it all happened quickly, but the simple act of being friendly and protecting me made me smile but then i started to tear up. i imagined the runners and spectators yesterday who will be going home with one less limb than they arrived with. some may never run again. i choked back the tears and focused on what my body was capable of and it made me want to use it b/c as sad as it is, we never know what tomorrow holds. 
....and, marni, with that. i want to state right now that my goal is (now more than ever) to qualify for boston. i imagine next year will be an entirely different event but i don't want it to change the running culture and i don't want it to scare me away from something that is still my dream. it's giving me more fuel. 
will you help me choose the race and help me reach my goal?
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