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Just Trying To Stay Afloat

Posted Mar 07 2013 2:49pm

In Master’s swimming last week I moved up a lane.   This has been something I’ve thought about for a while and never quiet got the guts to do.

Well last week I did it!!!!

And it wasn’t pretty :-)

This week wasn’t much better.

I’ve been noticing that my swim speed has gotten like….NO WHERE….since last year in January.  It was starting to get me down.  I kept wondering why the HECK  I wasn’t getting any faster.  I mean I have worked and worked and worked on my stroke and my technique.  I’m one of those annoying Master’s athletes who is CONSTANTLY asking the coach for a pointer.  And while this has help my form….it did not translate to a faster 100.  Or 200.  Heck a fast 50 for that matter!

So UP a lane I’ve moved.  This morning as I headed to Masters I was contemplating how I could graciously move back down a lane.  But I didn’t.  I grabbed my toys and headed to that “faster” lane.

We start the 300 warm-up and I got to be honest, my warm-up in this lane is faster than my fast swim in the previous lane.  It kicks my butt!  And I end up like 25 meters behind (ok…more like 40) But ego be damned!!!!!!              I WANT TO GET FASTER!

We will start the next set and I will jump on the persons feet in front of me. None of that “wait 10 seconds” ediquette for me!!  Heck no!  I want to try to stay close.  I fight to stay on those feet.  And before we get to the wall of the first 50 meters….I’ve fallen behind.  Oh well…..Maybe next set  :-)

But then something happened today towards the end of the hour……I began staying up with the “fast kids!”  I couldn’t believe it!

And here’s what I think….. I think I have a solid aerobic base that allows me to swim consistently for a long period of time.  My endurance is there!  So when they start slowing down…I am able to begin to keep up!        How COOL is that??   A light at the end of the tunnel. (or line)

That gave me hope today.  That I will probably be able to keep up with everyone some day.  That I won’t finish a set as they’re starting the next.  That I will be able to swim on someones feet for the whole workout.

Now wouldn’t that be just GRAND!!!!


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