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Just One More Long Run

Posted Feb 11 2013 4:22pm

I’ve been building up to my first long trail race in 3 years, which takes place next weekend.

I’ve been training for the Moab Red Hot 33KI have heard nothing but amazing things about this race and Competitor Magazine named it one of the top 10 runs in the Rocky Mountain Region.  Ok, they acutally had it as #1.

This weekend I ran 16 miles as this race is a build to a marathon rather than the destination it self.  I met up with the group Distance Divas and headed into Bear Creek Lake Park.  It seems I’ve been doing a lot of my long runs here lately.  There is a lot of trail and a lot of variety which makes it fun.  I can go all different ways and it keeps it interesting.

Bear Creek Lake Park

Bear Creek Lake Park

These last two weekends of long runs have been easy slow runs.  Which means I have been keeping my heart rate under 127.  This is great for aerobic conditioning and for developing metabolic efficiency.  It’s not so great for finishing fast and thus I get to work on my mental toughness too!  So this slow aerobic running gives me an opportunity to develop three areas of my training!  Who’da thunk!

My friend Angela was kind enough to run the first 9 miles with me at my ever so slow pace.  We had a blast!  Got to do a lot of talking (see another good thing about the low heart rate training!).  It made it so much easier having her to run with.  Plus we ran into a few groups of friends out running also.

After I dropped her back off near the parking lot I headed out for another 7 on my own. I continued to enjoy the beautiful winter day. The sun was out  which got me thinking of all my fellow triathletes on the East Coast getting their workouts done indoors.  I felt so fortunate to be running in Bear Creek on such a sunny cold day with a clear blue sky.

The miles slowly slid by as my heart rate slowly slipped up.  It’s so darn hard to keep those horses back as your headed to the barn!  Sometimes it’s down right impossible.

By the time I made it back to the car, my stomach was growling and I downed my recovery drink.  I next headed off to the Fuelary Denver  for some time in the Normatec Compression Boots.  I figured I could use them after all the hills I ran.

My last long run is done, now it’s a bunch of short runs for the week to keep the legs going.  Then next Saturday  I will be tackling One More LONG RUN.  So stay tuned for the low down on how it goes!


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