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Just arrived: Timex Tap, Moji back and knee icing and Major Taylor Book

Posted Oct 28 2009 11:00pm

Every-so-often manufactures and publishers send us their products to review.

We do our best to check out these products to help you decide if they are something that you might find useful.

Today we received three shipments that we' ll be reviewing in the near future and these include:

Timex Ironman with TapScreen:

The innovative collection’s three signature elements – TapScreen Technology, Target time pacer, and Labeled interval timers – are designed to enhance performance by allowing athletes to focus less on managing their sports watch during workouts.

The collection’s revolutionary TapScreen™ Technology allows users to easily activate the lap feature by “tapping” anywhere on the timepiece’s face, rather than having to locate and push buttons mid-stride.

The Target time pacer delivers distinct audible alerts, indicating  if the runner is on pace, slow or fast, in addition to displaying the time ahead or behind pace. This allows athletes to adjust their speed accordingly and adhere to race day strategy.

 The 16 interval timers are labeled with intuitive names such as warm, slow, med, fast and cool, making complex interval workouts automatic and effortless. The watch stores up to three separate interval workout programs at once, allowing athletes to utilize customized routines throughout their training programs.

“The Timex Ironman Sleek 150-Lap with TapScreen Technology redefines how athletes interact with their timepieces in training and competition,” said Heberto Calves, vice president of marketing at Timex. "The collection’s innovative features allow athletes to stay focused on performance while still taking laps and receiving feedback on pace.”

The Timex Ironman Sleek 150-Lap with TapScreen Technology is the latest addition to Timex’s powerful 150-lap series, a favorite within the global performance sports community. The collection will be available in a variety of men’s and women’s styles, marking the first time a 150-lap collection with such advanced sports timing benefits and large, easy-to-read digits will be available in styles designed specifically with women in mind.

Moji-back-large   Moji back and knee icing:

At Moji, we want to develop a strong relationship with the running and triathlon communities across the U.S. as we believe we have designed a more effective and comfortable icing product for triathletes and individuals dedicated to an active lifestyle.

As athletes ourselves, we understand trying is believing and have seen this to be true at the Chicago Triathlon and the bulk of major Chicago racing events we’ve presented at this summer(Chicago Marathon, Half Marathon, etc.).   Moji Back was just released a few weeks ago, it’s my personal favorite, and I’m convinced it will work wonders for athletes with back pain (as well as the million other Americans that suffer from lower back pain!).  I use it on a daily basis at work, due to my slight back pain from a  few years of professional golf, so I can attest to its efficacy and comfort!

MTBook: Mayor Taylor, "The World' s Fastest Bicycle Rider"

Back at the turn of the century, in a world where black people were expected to know their place and not to challenge the dominance of whites, the success of one plucky, determined youngster against white competitors came as a disturbing shock, and his astonishing speed as a revelation.
Here is a remarkable story, told with reverence and wonder by Andrew Ritchie, one of the world’s pre-eminent bicycle-history experts and enthusiasts. The book chronicles social racism in sports and society during the period 1893-1932.
Major Taylor: “The Fastest Bicycle Rider in the World” is the well-researched biography of Marshall W. Taylor, a heroic, turn of the century, unjustly neglected African-American athlete, whose life and great sporting achievements made history.
The book is an illustrated biography of the first African-American world champion who was not a boxer but a bicycle racer, Major Taylor, know at the height of his career as “The fastest bicycle rider in the world.” It is the true story of a man who overcame many obstacles, but eventually lost out again.
His international career spanned the period 1894–1909, and he was indeed more honored in Europe and Australia than in the U.S., where he suffered hostile racism from competitors and organizers. He was a well-educated, clean-living religious man. He didn' t smoke or drink, and he wouldn’t race on Sundays.
He was born in Indianapolis but moved to Worcester, Mass., where the racial climate was more favorable than it had been in Indiana. It is there that he spent most of his life.
After his fame came illness and failed investments, and finally the Great Depression… He died penniless and unnoticed in 1932 in Chicago, but was reburied with some ceremony in 1946. And in 2008 an impressive monument was created in his memory in his adopted home town, Worcester, Mass.

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