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Posted Dec 06 2008 6:21pm

First of all, we put up our Christmas tree tonight. FUN! Growing up, my family always bought a real tree and I thought that was the best. And when my mom threatened to buy a fake tree instead I can remember protesting GREATLY. Fake trees are no fun! But now O and I have a fake tree. I can see why my mom wanted one. Much easier. :)

Anyway, we had fun decorating and Roxy had fun being a pest.



You might not be able to see but this is the Best of the US ornament we all got at this year's race. Cool! Other ornaments include a runner, Mario Lemieux, a cross, a few snowflakes and lots of red and purple balls. ;)

In other news I am majorly itchy. Like WOW am I itchy. Serious itch. Bad itch. And yes, I do clean myself, but the itch (of course) is from winter. And cold, dry air when I'm running and riding. And of course, chlorine. I can take care of the body parts that I can reach (face, legs, arms) with lotion but my back...AHHHHHH! I find myself rubbing up against things trying to scratch an itch that will just not be scratched. And the other night laying in bed my back was so itchy I actually couldn't fall asleep! Welcome to winter right?! :) I really need to invest in one of those back scratcher thingie majigs...

Speaking of winter, today I really wanted to ride outside. I do my long rides on Saturdays so if I can avoid the trainer at all costs, I try. But today, I just couldn't do it. It was 23 degrees, which I think I would have been okay with, but the windchill was 15 and that made it feel soooooo much colder. When we were driving home from the pool this morning (before I had riden) I was watching the flags whip in the wind and I knew it would be brutal. Still, I gave it serious consideration before I decided against it. Bummer. So the trainer it was. But I survived. ;) Perhaps next weekend it will be a bit warmer.

And my flip turns - still going strong! I think that for me, I just can't give myself an option. No open turns, they aren't even a choice anymore. So hopefully it won't take too long to get a little better at the flip turns. I already feel better with the oxygen deficit when I'm swimming easy (as in I don't feel like my head is going to explode when I push off the wall :) but swimming hard is still tough for me. My solution thus far is to just surface a lot sooner than I would have if I did an open turn, but I hope to improve upon that!

Have a great Sunday everyone!

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