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It Takes a Village

Posted Feb 10 2010 12:00am

It takes a village to be a triathlete!  Yeap- it really does. 

It Takes A Village

It Takes A Village

What got me thinking about this was what my day was like this past Saturday. 

I started the day at Doudy Draw in Boulder with my friend Brenda who I wrangled into joining me for a 13 mile run along trails I hadn’t explored before.   She was only going to join me for 7 miles, but after taking out the map and trying to explain where I would run, some puppy dog eyes and probably the fact that I was running pretty slow….she decided to join me for the whole run.  So- there’s Villager #1.

Next, after a quick swim, I was off to Active Imprints to meet with Danny Abshire (Newton Co-Founder) to have him help me with a final tweak to the orthotics he’s been making for me. 

I happen to be VERY fortunate and am sponsored by Newton Running Shoes.  These shoes have transformed me from a heel-striking-wannabe-runner, into a (almost) real runner!  I was having a problem with pain in my achilles and after Ironman decided to meet with Danny to have him help me with orthotics.  Within 2 minutes he figured out what was wrong with my left foot (something to do with metatarsal bones) and began working on an orthotic.  So- with this new orthotic coupled with my Newtons- I am golden again and running ultra-distances sans pain.  And did I mention Danny fixed my inserts for my bike shoes also?!!!  Voila- Villager #2

From Active Imprints I was off to Colorado MultiSport to meet with Jeff for some help with my road bike.  After a summer of switching my road bike from TT back to road…I wasn’t sure how the bike should be set up.  Plus it was time for a new saddle. 

After shooting the breeze and visiting with friends, Jeff and I got down to business.  Jeff spent an hour plus, moving this and moving that; adding this and changing that; and when he was done- I was feeling like I had the perfect bike fit again!!!  I have to say- the guys at CMS are so unbelievably patient!  They will work with you for hours and always make you feel like you are their most important customer!  I don’t know how they do it.  Alright- Villager #3

In one day- I had three different people help me on my road to being a long distance triathlete.  And that’s only ONE days worth…..there are others who keep me going- like….

Dr Ken Sheridan from Active Care He’s my chiropractor and without my weekly visits to him, I would not be able to keep running and training the way I do.  See, I have SI joint problems (as in they don’t stay where they’re suppose to), and Dr Ken is able to keep me from locking up…literally!  There ya go- Villager #4

Along with Dr Ken- I get regular bodywork by Brian Ray .  Now this guy is amazing!  When I first went to him 3+ years ago, I had back pain that wouldn’t quite.  I would get out of bed in pain, I took Celebrex daily….it was bad.  Brian was able to get my back working great with in few months (no more pain!).  He also keeps me going.  I mean at 50 years old and just starting this long distance stuff- there have been a few times where my body needed some help getting itself working.   And Brian is the man for that!  Yeap- we have Villager #5

One person I can’t forget to mention is my coach Andrea Watkins !  Not only does she write my training programs, but she works out with me, helps me through the mental stuff, and has become a good friend in the process.  She has taken me from a overweight 48 year old- to a descent long distance triathlete in two short years!  Now that is amazing!  Not sure how she does it….but her approach to training sure works great for me!!  Here ya have- Villager #6

Now there are many, many more Villagers who support me in many ways.  Whether it’s joining me for a workout, going to a race with me, calling to check on me, getting together for dinner….You name it.  The list goes on and on.  I never realized when I took up this sport what a great community I would be getting involved in…..and as we all learn in this triathlon life….It TRUELY does take a VILLAGE to raise a triathlete!!!!!!!!!!!

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