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It really does exist!!!

Posted Aug 21 2009 12:39pm
Driving down the road today on my way to Karen's for a run and dinner - I saw it. I was chatting with my mom and I guess just kind of hung up on her to get this great picture for proof..that it really does exist!!

After the stealthy paparazzi move - I called mom back. Poor mom. She thought I had gotten into an accident :) But I just had to get this proof that the 1982 limo with the bike rack does exist.

Anyway - last weekend was nuts. Lots and lots of rain. Whenever the weather man says rain, here in Florida we know it's going to be around somewhere. But we just didn't expect it to be a mini hurricane. On Saturday we where going to try to get in a long ride - 70 or so miles. A few of our riding crew where going to meet us since the wanted to get in 100. Well, Karen decided to pretend like she was on a BMX bike and jump over this beauty of a rut in the road:

Please note that the pictures do not give it justice. Robert rode out the next day to snap this shot - but on Saturday it was about 7am, dark, rainy, and lots of traffic on the side of the road that is open. And the rut is about a foot deep. We have no clue how she made it over with only getting 2 flat tires and landed gracefully. But she was pretty shocked after she thought about 'what could have happened'- so thankfully her and Jim headed home. We where all very thankful that she was ok. And after hanging out with Lisa, Paul and Robert at the super creepy hotel in Ebro - I headed home as well. It was just too rainy and decided to ride on Sunday.
Sunday was just as bad, but we kept it close to home and got in about 50 miles and then a hot ass run afterwards. Why is it that it's cloudy and raining on the bike - but on the run it's 10000 outside and sunny? Oh well - I just ran with the tourists who had just rolled out of bed and smelled like a bar.

Has anyone seen the TV show on A&E called obsessed? It's really...ummm...well, it's kind of creeping me out.

Random Race - has anyone done the ING Miami marathon? Possibly a Boston qualifier?

Happy training everyone!! XOCHLOE
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