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It’s ON…

Posted Apr 01 2013 8:07pm

….Like Donkey Kong!

These past 3 weeks of training block have kicked my butt!  With the topper being this past weekend.

I’ve had such a blast getting outside for some rides on the weekends and runs outdoors after work!  It’s been fantastic!

But this weekend was pretty darn cool. 

Saturday started off with a long ride that included Lookout Mountain.  As I began the ride I could feel the accumulated fatigue puffing up my legs.  In about 15 mins that was all gone.  By the time I got to the  base of Lookout I was ready! By the time I hit the towers….it was ON!  I hit the lap button and off I went.


My legs felt strong.  My lungs felt strong!  My head felt stong!  Everything about the climb felt just right.  It felt effortless (as much as Lookout can).  I even rode back down a ways once I hit the top to ride back up with my friend.  It was awesome. Not one ounce of fatigue anywhere to be found in my legs.

lo snowy climb

The road was packed with cyclist.  Only a few cars….but it was the cyclists who were out in big numbers!

After my ride it was time for a dip in the pool.  I’ve got to tell you that Coach Susan writes the BEST workouts ever!  My swim workout of 3200 made my arms fall off.  But the cool thing is that I wasn’t even tired!  Not even a bit of fatigue! I’m thinking…how did this happen?? How can it be that I’m not even feeling like I just rode for 3+ hrs???

So it’s out of the pool…drink my favorite – chocolate UCAN - stop by Jimmy Johns and head to The Fuelary  to jump in the Normatec Boots!


Sunday morning it’s up early to meet Angela to begin my 18 mile run at Bear Creek Lake Park.  This has become my new favorite place to run.  I have yet to get bored there as the trails go on and on and on and up and down and all around!

Angela had 6 miles to run and from there I was on my own.  The next 6 miles where my super secret workout miles.  I felt friggin fabulous!  I could not believe it!!!!  I kept thinking- how did I get so fit?  Really….”How did I get so fit?” 

It’s like all those months in the pain cave on my bike trainer with these KILLER workouts that Coach was giving me.  After all the months of running on the treadmill….it’s all coming together!  I was soooooooo bloody surprised!  I don’t think I’ve ever felt this strong this early in the season!  It’s an amazing feeling! 

Ironman St George is just around the corner and I am feeling more confident about it than I was at the beginning of the week.  I know this is going to be a HARD race.  It’s a tough course…but then…Coach Susan has been giving me the most amazing training plan that seems to be doing me just right  (ok..except for this little cold I have today- but that’s because of a client who came to our appointment with a nasty cold….darn it!)

Good thing it’s a recovery week!  I’m ready for all my hard work over the past 3 weeks to take hold and rebuild.  Cuz watch out!  It really is ON….like donkey kong!

donkey kong

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