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It’s a Mental Thing

Posted Oct 10 2012 2:03pm

I was talking to a friend this morning.  They were having a rough morning and were kinda feeling like life was getting them down.  We chatted a bit and then hung up the phone.  As I walked away it dawned on me………Rough mornings and tough times are when we can train our minds!

Yeah right…train our minds….

Well this friend is going to embark on their first Ironman in 2014 and I got to thinkin.  Right now is when said friend can begin working on training their mind for that big day!  For those 140.6 miles of inexplicable ups and downs, of absolute  pain and elation, of pure torture and complete ecstasy.

I got right back on the phone and mentioned this.  I said that right now is the perfect time to start your Ironman mental training.  To begin training your brain!

When doing an Ironman so many things can go wrong or not go right.  There are so many times when the voice of doubt and doom comes knocking at your mind.  It happens numberous times over the course of 140.6 miles.  And you KNOW it’s going to come!

So we can actually train for that Ironman day by getting our minds ready. We can begin to work on ignoring that voice of doubt and doom.  The voice that can zap our confidence in a second.  We can train our minds to push that voice away and replace it……Cause I tell ya, if you aren’t able to fight that voice or change that voice……that 140.6 miles can end up feeling like 1000.

I’ve realized in the past how being an Ironman has helped me when things in my life have been tough.  I remember that I’m an Ironman and that I can survive anything.  But I had never thought of how we can actually use the times in our life that are not going so smoothly to help us get ready mentally for an Ironman!

So how do we go about doing that?  My quess is by focusing on what’s working.  It’s by focusing on the positive.  It’s by telling yourself you’re doing good and you’re strong.  It’s by becoming your own cheerleader and not giving in to “the dark side”!  Caz that dark side can sure be tempting!

The dark side can be enticing and seductive…..caz wouldn’t it be easier to just give up??

So take those times in life when things aren’t going so smoothly or they down right SUCK….and train your mind, train your brain, train yourself to turn that dark side into something positive.  What ever that positive is that works for you.  Come up with a cheerleading statement or mantra for yourself.

Because when it comes right down to it…this following statement about sums it up!


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