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Is this thing on?????

Posted Jan 06 2008 12:00am

Ready, set, go.

Three things I need to get done tonight-

1. Get this blog thing in order.

2. Write thank yous to all my kiddies that gave me christmas presents.

3. Go to bed early so i can wake up early.

Christmas is over. New Years is over. Thank god.

Life as I know it has changed a million times over this year. Of course the move and the new job trump all activities of the year. Looking back it seems like the right thing. Since then, I have a job that I love (hopefully that I won't lose by getting fired), love living near and with family (as crazy as that may sound), and seem to be going on the right track. On the downside, I miss my friends- which causes me all sorts of feelings :(

My new awesome. One school, lots of vacation but a long commute (45 minutes). I do work in bizarreland though. We have no cafeteria- so the order in pizza and turkey wraps for lunch from local restaurants. We have a bit of a skewed demographic....unlike any that I have worked with. I now live in a world of Abercrombie and Uggs. I have an advisory- which means twelve kids that are solely mine. I call their parents if they get in trouble...(but they don't) and eat lunch together. They are a hysterical bunch.

The rest of life recently is filled with getting organized (imagine that), taking g-ma to doctors appointments, the nintendo wii and the gym ( ). I have become addicted to the gym-scarily so. 7 days a week for at least two hours. I have gotten my mother, father, husband, cousin and aunt to join as well. It's a big party all the time. I have a personal trainer named P- who stands about 5'2 and is about 90 pounds. Special. to my other jobs for the evening.

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