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Is There One Single Diet That Is Best? (And Why Something Called The “Perfect Health Diet” Heavily Influences Most o

Posted Feb 13 2013 10:06pm

Is there one single diet that helps people perform their best, avoid gut distress, or be healthiest?

I actually explored this question in a post you can read here , but ultimately, the best diet will vary from person to person, based on genetics, level of activity, body size, goals and more.

As a matter of fact, in a recent Rich Roll podcast , vegan athlete Rich Roll and celebrity trainer Vinnie Tortorich go head-to-head on vegan vs. omnivore diets, and the health implications of each approach (Rich, Vinnie and I are planning a live Spreecast this March to debate this topic more). And when you look at Rich’s and Vinnie’s health and performance, both are successful in their own right.

When you look at my own personal diet, it is primarily based on the foods and recommendations from my Superhuman Food Pyramid . But when I try to explain the science behind how I structure both my own diet as well as the diet of the athletes and clients who I coach and advise , I rely heavily on concepts from the Perfect Health Diet book (which is also the source of “Food Plate” pictured above).

So today, I interview Paul Jaminet, the author of the Perfect Health Diet . I’d highly recommend that as a background to today’s podcast, you listen to my previous interview with Paul, and during this interview, my questions include:

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