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Is the Biggest Loser show also the biggest liar show?

Posted Mar 03 2009 2:06pm

Loser The trouble all began this week at the end of NBC' s Biggest Loser episode when a brief segment portrayed Gregory Dane Patterson, one of two cousins featured on the show this season, finishing an Arizona marathon (Arizona Desert Classic)with his wife in a time of 3:53 minutes.

The problem?

The finish line clock said 5:53.

A simple mistake perhaps but to anybody who has run a marathon the difference between a 3:53 marathon time versus a 5:53 marathon is huge. It is the difference between somebody who can qualify for the Boston Marathon versus a recreational runner who may just be happy to complete a marathon.

As the controversy erupted in the blogoshere further unsettling facts came to light.

The blogger who writes the blog Melancholy Smile reported:

{Oh, and those cameras behind me? Those are for Dane Patterson, a contestant on The Biggest Loser. He was there with his wife, running the marathon, though J started calling him The Biggest Liar. He and his wife were several miles behind me throughout the entire race, but around mile 17 they got picked up by a van and driven to the end of the course, where they filmed the grand ' crossing the finish line' finale with all the family cheering."

As it turns out Dane Patterson ran only about 23 miles of the Marathon.

The producers of the show did indeed give him a 3 mile van ride so that he could make the marathon' s six hour cut off time.

Unfortunately Patterson in a video segment for the show said, ""It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life to run side by side with my wife for an entire marathon."

Finsh2x NBC has removed that video but you can watch it HERE.

NBC and the producers of the show have both issued an apology (see below).

So does it matter that Patterson did not run the entire marathon to you, and that the producers lied about his accomplishment?

Apology by Reveille (the producers of the show):

"As the Executive Producers of ' The Biggest Loser' we would like to make an official apology and set the record straight with regards to the claim in last night' s episode that Dane completed a marathon in Arizona.

"After seeing on various online blogs that this information may be inaccurate we investigated the claim and found that Dane had not indeed completed the marathon unaided. From our internal investigation we learned that Dane ran the first 17 miles before receiving a ride from the field producer for 3 miles before rejoining the race at the 20 mile mark whereupon he completed the race.

"We are incredibly proud of Dane for running 23 miles and losing over 130 lbs on his weight loss journey so far and wish him luck as he continues his new healthy lifestyle. We have also taken the necessary action to ensure that there is no future misrepresentations and sincerely apologize for misleading our loyal viewers and it was certainly not our intent but an unwitting mistake.

"We hope they will continue to be inspired and motivated by all of our contestants and follow them as they continue to change their lives."

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