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Is a chain-smoking President Barak Obama losing drastic weight and does he have cancer?

Posted Nov 19 2009 10:00pm

This story has been percolating  under the surface of the mainstream media for a few weeks.

As may you know weight loss is one of the keys to fast times for endurance sports, but President Obama is not an endurance athlete, but a basketball player according to published reports.

It is important to note that at this point these rumors and stories are completely speculative with no basis in fact, however never-the-less people are wondering out loud if Barak Obama is losing drastic weight.

According to the British newspaper

"Earlier this month American media had claimed ' Barack n Bones' was shedding the pounds after stress was causing him to skip meals.

Obamacoat He was pictured looking even skinnier than usual while leaving a gym in Washington, D.C. - though an oversized jacket may have been to blame. "

The MailOnline goes on to report:

"Mr Obama spoke in the wake of pictures published on the influential U.S. website The Drudge Report, which described him as ' thin as a rail' .

The right-wing website quoted an unnamed ' insider' who said the president was working so hard that ' yes he does occasionally skip meals' .

Under the headline ' Barack n Bones' , the report claimed that the president' s exercise regime - including basketball games - is behind the ' dramatic weight loss' .

The source quoted by the report insisted that Mr Obama was working ' non-stop' - and that he was not chain-smoking."

Meanwhile the American Tabloid the Globe has taken the weight loss rumors one step further with a story entitled: " Obama Lung Cancer Shocker! "

According to the Globe:

"Chain-smoking President Barack Obama has lung cancer, White House sources fear as the Commander-in-Chief suffers chest pains, dizzy spells and has lost 25 pounds! This week' s GLOBE bares the stunning inside story. You can' t afford to miss it!"

Is any of this true, or is it a right wing attempt to smear the President? Hard to say. That' s up to you to decide.

However Obama would most likely do himself a huge health and  PR favor if he sincerely stopped smoking and made his battle with nicotine addition public.

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