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Ironman? What Ironman?

Posted Apr 17 2009 12:31am
In the rush ofEvotriexcitement and a short weekend getaway, I seemed to have disregarded the impending April 13, 2008 date I have with Mr. Ironman. You see, even whilst hanging by the pool with margaritas, I was also on the laptop computer spreading the Gospel of Team Evotri to anyone and everyone who will listen for one last time. I did hit the treadmill in the fitness center for 7 miles of running "hills" both Monday and Tuesday.

A few days ago, I was tagged by both Tracie and Patricio and promised that I would list 7 unique things about me. I'll do the official tag to others later this week. I'm not sure how unique these characteristics are, but I'm turning them into:

"7 Unique Reasons Why You Should Vote For Me for Team Evotri in Case
My Video Wasn't Compelling Enough"

1.) I've done stand-up comedy and have opened for some amazing Comedy Central and Late Show comedians such as Megan Mooney, Eddie Gossling, Willie Barcena and more. I'm also a member of an Austin Sketch comedy troupe called"Gag Reflex"(insert joke here). As I mention in my header, comedy and triathlon have a lot in common because both involve putting yourself out there for all to see. I've learned that more than ever by campaigning to be on this team. I considered a career in stand-up comedy for a while until I realized that performing in smokey clubs until 2am does not coincide with being at swim practice by 5:30am.

2.) I'm the youngest of five kids and the only girl. Yep-that makes me, well, spoiled! While my brothers shared rooms, I got the pink frilly room to myself. Too bad I was always out on the football field with my brothers kicking some butt. Growing up in a household of testosterone has no doubt prepared me for the persistance and determination to win. Believe me, you had to speak loudly in my Italian household to be heard. I haven't shut up since!

3.) My first Marathon was in 2002 and I ran a 4:52. My PR in 2006 was a 3:29. My first Half-Ironman was a 7:22 (4 flats). My PR in 2006 at the IM 70.3 Championship was a 5:35... Proof positive that discipline, training, well-laid plans, good coaching and the right attitude will always, ALWAYS garner positive results. I plan to continue to work this hard onTeam Evotri. Hell, with the tools they provide, it'd be impossible NOT to see some amazing results.

4.) I'm a Personal Development junkie. What in the hell is that, you ask? It means I'm always working on myself. One of my favorite podcasts (besidesGYGOandSimply Stu, of course!) is calledMorning Coach. It's a daily 15-min podcast served to provide positive energy for your day. JB talks about self-confidence, fitness, success and--ME! Thanks again to JB for the extra mentions this week!

5.) The story of how I met my husband is freaking amazing! The short version is that we met on the internet. The long version is that I had seen him in 2004 at a party and developed instant "crush at first sight." Of course, I was too shy to approach him so he never knew I existed. A year later, he found ME on and I'll never forget my reaction when I got an email from "that guy!" Come to find out, our families grew up in the same neighborhood in Columbus and our Dads were raised a street apart. His Dad actually worked with my Dad in my Grandpa's grocery store almost 50 years ago. Can you say, "fate?!?" Again, I believe fate works in many ways if we just pay attention to the signs.

6.) As a teenager, I idolizedDebbie Gibson! In fact, I wanted to be a singer/songwriter and spent countless hours in my home recording studio making really bad music. Someone liked it because I actually wrote and performed our High school graduation song aptly titled "We are the Future." ("Electric Youth" was already taken). Can you smell an Evotri theme song in the future?!?! FYI-I eventually met Debbie several times and interviewed her for a radio program for a station I was working for at the time. (i.e. I do not give up easily)

7.) All of these things have led me to where I am today--an Account Manager, Media Buyer, Copywriter and all-around Ideas Chick at an Advertising Agency. It's the dream job as I work with some of my closest friends. My job every day is to "toot the horn" of my clients and maximize their exposure in the market. Of course, I'll be just as vocal for this team as I am for my clients and myself currently.

As you can tell, I've never been an introvert. If there is an occassion to be seen, heard or to make people smile and laugh, I'm front and center. Like all of us, I absolutely have my insecurities. As I mention in my video, I was 50 lbs heavier just a few years ago and not physically active at all. I would weigh in at my Weight Watchers meetings and then head to the nearest Mexican restaurant for chips and queso (a vat of cheese). Running and triathlon made me fall in love with myself. It made me confident to coach others. That, in turn, has kept me motivated.

The potential for this team to make a huge difference is phenomenal. I'm just honored to still be in the running. Now, hurry up and vote for me so that I can resume my Ironman Training! In fact, I'll be on my bike this Saturday doing a 100+ miler when the results are announced. Let's make it a great ride--for me and Team Evotri.

send an email to:vote@evotri.comwith CARRIE BARRETT-FINAL ROUND in the subject.
Please, only one vote per person!

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