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Ironman drops the ball again as two races on the same day overwelm

Posted Aug 30 2010 5:45pm

Computer science Once upon a time the World Triathlon Corporation (WTC) was a small company owned by a Florida eye doctor.

Besides the Ironman Kona World Championships, there was an Ironman race in New Zealand, one in Canada and a handful of races in North America, with a few more starting up in the rest of the world.

There was no 70.3 series.

And there certainly was no equity fund with deep pockets pulling the strings controlling the World Triathlon Corporation and pusing them to expand the brand and the race series.

Those days are long gone, but apparently some things never change.

Yesterday as about 5000 amateur athletes raced Ironman Canada and Ironman Louisville, their friends and family were unable to track them online since seemed to be overwhelmed with too much traffic.

In the old days this was a pretty common occurrence (especially when began to stream live coverage of the races).


We figured that the only plausible explanation was the fact that the web site was hosted on an old Dell server in some high school kid's back basement.

But alas some things don't seem to change.

Perhaps it might be asking too much forthe WTC to invest a bit more money and resources in their web site...or at least in a bit more bandwidth during peak times...for instance like when two races occur on the same day.

But the same problem that plagued the site for years...especially the day after a race as thousands of athletes tried to register for next year's back again.

At this point you might be wondering what was the official cause of yesterday's web site problem.

So were we because a bunch of you emailed us asking what was going on.

We, of course emailed Ironman yesterday and asked, but as of yet we have not heard back from the WTC folks.

So that leaves us guessing..and we think that perhaps the high school kid in the back basement was too busy playing the online version of "Need for Speed" and soaked up too much bandwidth yeterday.

Because we can't imagine that the World Triathlon Corporation would really drop the ball after all of these years, and once again disappoint so many of their new core customers.

Would they?

Let us know what you think below.


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